Sunday, March 21, 2010

"Ultimate" fishing at

Over the years I have enjoyed surf fishing as much as any other form of fishing . For the most part I fish the South Carolina coast from late Spring to early Fall . Although this isn't considered the best fishing season , it gives me something to do while my wife enjoys the sun . My usual catch includes small Bluefish , Pompano , Croaker , Spot , Whiting , and the occasional Spanish Mackeral . My bait is cut frozen Balyhoo . Most days you can expect a strike at least every 20 - 30 minutes but gets less frequent during the heat of July and August . My rod of choice is a 6' Ugly Stick with a Penn openface reel and it is anchored in a Mikes Spikes "Ultimate" Fishing Rod Holder . When I get down to serious surf fishing in early spring or mid fall , I still enjoy the SC coast but nothing beats the Outer Banks of North Carolina . This is " the Mecca" of surf fishing ! My choice for the best of the best is Davis Island of the Core banks . This 20 mile long island is home to Cape Lookout National Seashore . It is accessible only by a few ferry services which makes it very secluded . Four wheel drive is a must . We've gone during the summer and actually not seen another person all day . In season there are fishing shacks for rent but you have to get on the reservation list a year in advance . The only thing provided is running water . The rest is up to you , incuding power . In early to mid Fall , the Flounder can be so abundent that catching close to 100 a day is not out of the question , although less than 25 percent are keepers . Most can be caught by tossing cut bait or small bait fish just 40' out and retrieving it slowly on a 6' rod . If the big fish is what your after , then a larger 8' - 12' surf rod is required . I use an 11' Ugly Stick with a Penn 8500 open face reel and anchor it in a Mikes Spikes "Ultimate" Surf Rod Holder . This new type of rod anchor is driven into the sand inless than 30 seconds by a built in driveweight and only takes one hand . Catches of large Blues and Drum are the norm . Take several big coolers and plenty of ice . At night this place is dark but on a moonless night you have never seen stars like you will see here . You owe it to yourself to go at least once !

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