Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mikes Spikes beach umbrella holders go on vacation .

My wife and I took our week vacation this year from Sept. 17th - 26th . If there was ever a good time to put our Mikes Spikes beach umbrella holders to the test , this was it . With Hurricane Igor just 500 miles off the coast we were very impressed with their great holding ability . As usual , most screw in holders faired well through mid morning . It's in the afternoon when the wind picks up and the umbrellas start falling . We took the opportunity to rescue several of their users by loaning them a Mikes Spikes sand anchor . I can't emphisize how much better these spikes work than what people have grown to accept . Everyone who gets the chance to use a Mikes Spikes sand anchor has the same comment , " This is the best idea I've seen in years ! It's so easy . "
We also had a great time "people watching" during the SOS Fall Migration . It's the Fall version of "Spring break" for the over 50 crowd . My friend , Earl Dawkins who is the lead singer of The Entertainers got us into the Spanish Galleon on Sat. nite to hear him perform their #1 Beach Music hit "Thank Goodness She Cheated" . It's on their new CD called "The Inside Story" . If you like Beach Music , you'll like this CD .
Mikes Spikes sand anchors will be on display at the Big Kahuna in December . If you know of any stores that carry beach equipment , pass it on to come see us in booth " S " . Our website is